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Decor Pep Talk  - Accent Walls 2

Decor Pep Talk - Accent Walls 2

Nov 12, 2018


Daily Designist

Let us continue our discussion further for Accent Walls. 
What does house decor mean to us? It could be decorating house with furniture, curtains, lightings, chandeliers, appliances, plants, or simply decorating the Walls. How do we go about doing Wall Decor? What are the specifics and process in place? The answer for this could be as simple as a mere thought. 
For some - it could be doing beautiful paints on wall, for some -  it could be a putting up a family tree (with pride) with the photo gallery, captured with precious moments, for some -  it could be carefully placing the framed paintings on the wall (either self-painted or bought or custom-created), for some - it could be utilizing wall accents/hangings to adorn the walls just like beautiful jewelry.
Let's talk about Wall Accents. They come in various shapes, sizes, forms, styles, functionalities. The options can be - Candle scones, Decorative/Gilded mirrors, Macrame wall hangings, Geometric patterns wall art, metal wall art, hanging ceramic plates, hanging planters, hanging decorative lanterns (glass/metal). Wall accents give a new meaning to the walls by creating a story in their own way. They tell our preferences, history, taste and likings. Wall accents are interesting story-tellers in their own unique ways. So enjoy their company :)

Happy Reading and Decorating!


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