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Decor Pep Talk - What is your Decorating Style?

Decor Pep Talk - What is your Decorating Style?

Nov 25, 2018


Daily Designist

A few questions below will help us enlighten our own strengths and uniqueness when it comes to decoration/interiors. It requires some introspection as we need to ask these to ourselves. Hopefully you enjoy reading and answering this. A total self-exercise :)
1. Is it maximalist or minimalist - Do we prefer to keep as many things as we can or  buy the things that we really need?
2. Do we like antique, classic, vintage pieces or very stylish, modern, sleek things? 
3. Do we prefer soft, neutral color palette for our house or bold, hot/cold colors? 
4. Are we risk takers - not afraid to experiment with our decoration style (be it DIY or Renovation or try totally new thing)?
5. Are we open to learn (decorating/interiors) from other mediums? It can be persons (friends/family), TV shows, movies, books, blogs, traveling?
6. Do we prefer to buy everything brand new or love to explore garage sale/yard sale/ antique shops?
7. Do we decorate our house as per the occasions or want to keep it the same all year round (with a constant theme of decoration)?
8. How do we get ideas for our decoration - inner instincts, blogs, photographs, pinterest(social media), magazines, friends or family?
9. Do we like to make a plan (write it down) of what and how do to the decoration or just do it as and when we go (more like spontaneous)? 
10. Last but not the least: How do we prefer to do the shopping - Going to the retail stores physically or simply shop it online without comprising our own comfort?

Happy Reading and Decorating!


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