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Our Founder, Chhavi Singh with Mary Ann Baldwin, Raleigh Mayor. 
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Our Founder, Chhavi Singh with Elaine Marshall, North Carolina Secretary of State. 
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We are the world’s first creative arts platform which empowers women artisans.

World’s first online creative arts platform “DailyDesignist” which is transforming the traditional arts landscape through empowering women artists.

 It is a very purpose driven startup with a social impact to the community of women artists and arts teachers. It is a dedicated infrastructure for them to be visible, be seen, be heard and appreciated in front of global audience. Since centuries, arts has been a very biased, fragmented and tech laggard industry. 

Research report states that women make 80% of admissions to any fine art college across the world but the numbers just drop to 40% when it comes for women artists to get real time work opportunities in the arts market.

 DailyDesignist is a one stop shop for all creative art needs. We provide arts products and services like education, handcrafted interior decor, handmade gifts, original paintings, caricature services, art therapy, bulk corporate orders, mural and wall arts installations.

Edtech leadership award at a conference in Las Vegas, USA

About Chhavi Singh

An Electronics engineer and NYU MBA Grad. A decade experience of working with world’s biggest banks like UBS and Morgan Stanley at Wall Street, NY,US.Quit the job one fine day to find fulfillment and meaning to life. To give back to society and make this world even a more beautiful place.Here she is, on her journey of changing mindset of people when it comes to arts and particulary women artisans.

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