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Decor Pep Talk - Accent Walls 1

Decor Pep Talk - Accent Walls 1

Nov 09, 2018

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Daily Designist

How about we talk about the foundation of our house - the mighty strong Walls. As we all know that to give a character or personality to any room, we need to create accent walls. We can have that accent wall serve as the focal point of the room and things could just flow around it. The focal point normally acts as a conversation starter with friends or family.

Accent Walls can be achieved by using creative Wall Decor. Wall decor items could be good HD quality canvas framed painting, printed photographs, wall hangings, accent lighting and last but not the least our forgotten wall clocks essentials (in these digital days).
Wallpapers, decals and murals are also good options to create accent walls.  The other way is to color that wall with special color so as to have the full attention of the room. We can have good color schema for that like a purple/mauve colored accent wall for beige colored room or maybe an icy blue colored accent wall to go with grey colored room. Can experiment with different color combinations.

Happy Reading and Decorating!


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1 comment

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    One of the best way to create eye-catching walls by implementing innovative ideas.

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