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Handmade Resin Geode Wall Art Can be Your Next Wall Statement!

Handmade Resin Geode Wall Art Can be Your Next Wall Statement!

Apr 25, 2019


Daily Designist


Handmade Resin Geode Wall Art –Adds Luxuriousness to Your Abode!

When it comes to decorating your abode, the interior is the first thing that comes in mind.  Many people consider spending on interiors a waste of money while for some, interiors act as an appealing factor to their comfort and style. Most importantly, if we go by our happiness index, despite increased incomes and bigger and plusher homes, happiness is still at an ebb. This is when the role of a good interior designing comes in and motivate people towards leading comfort and stress-free lifestyle. 

You must be wondering why interior designing is responsible for happiness? Fact is, we never realize but our body absorbs a lot from our surroundings eventually affecting our current state of mind and happiness. For better understanding, it can be called vibes or energies. For instance, light is one aspect that is directly connected with the biological cycle of a human body. If there’s too much of light in the room, it might disrupt your sleep cycle and thus, may be a reason behind your chronic stress. On the contrary, if there’s adequate lighting, we not only get proper sleep but also get rid of stress that further leads us towards leading a healthier and happier lifestyle. The crux is – good and proper interiors play a vital role in keeping us healthy and happy.

3D handmade abstract geode resin wall art

Wall Art – Essential Part of Interiors

When it comes to interior designing, wall art is the first thing that not only enhances the beauty of our rooms but also creates a perfect wall statement.  Usually, wall decoration is overlooked but the fact is that a good art placed on walls of our room acts as a focal point for visitors and mood lifters. There are several types of wall arts that you can look out for. But the trending one is – handmade resin geode wall art.  Geode artwork has taken the luxury art world by storm.

Geode - A rock with a Crystal Inside

Geode is basically a rock having an internal cavity with mineral materials. It has a durable outer wall that makes it resistant to weathering. Minerals found in its internal cavity is often a sparkling form of tiny crystals – which enhances its appearance and beauty.

Luxury artwork

Luxuriousness is the synonym of geode artwork. It is made from resin along with other materials such as glitter, crystal, paint, and stones. Each piece of artwork is created with extreme detail and takes a good amount of time to get it in its final form.

Quality comes at a price

You cannot find geodes at every other place. They are found specifically in areas where rocks have formed in a special geochemical environment. Also, preparing an artwork from geodes consumes a good number of days and thus, are priced higher.

Where to Find Geodes artwork?

There is a number of stores online as well offline that sell wall arts made of geodes. You can find good and reliable handmade resin geode wall arts at online stores like It has a wide array of good collection from LED flashing canvas wall arts, luxury metal to multiple landscape canvas – it has everything that suits your taste as well as budget. The icing on the cake is – dailydesignist app that you can download and install on your smartphone to make your shopping handy and effortless. To download the app, click here.


By far, you must have been well acquainted with the importance of interiors. There are a lot of ways through which you can optimize the look of your lovely abode, including classy and elegant wall arts. With several options – there isn’t any looking back for sure. So, amp up the interiors of your home and get set to bring comfort and happiness in your life.

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