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Jan 23, 2020


Chhavi Singh

Hearty Good Morning to all and very happy start to new Year 2020!!

I would like to take some precious time of you to tell about my startup: DailyDesignist -All About Arts

Topics: Why we started it (the underlying need) & What problem we are trying to solve (business proposition)

The story starts here - I met, interacted, conversed with a few women artists in and around the area. Then, the conversation became a global thing as well (will talk about that later in my next post). Women artists ( i came across) are incredible, super talented, hard working and passionate. They are listening to their hearts and doing what they love - do Arts (Paintings/Sketches). They are doing it over years or months but have little/less idea on what to do next with it.

They were looking for appreciation, feedback, support, encouragement, motivation and kind a platform which help them showcase their talents/paintings to the city/country/world and get noticed. Validation and appreciation is something which any artist aspire for. Money comes next for them. They want to take forward their hard-earned skills to the world or next generation who will value and preserve it.

Also, in my recent research findings- i found that only 1-2% of women artists have reached to the top of pyramid of Art world. If we name 10 greatest artists of all times - all are Male. Why is that so? It made me think that where are our women artists and what is the problem behind? The answers could be family issues, women problems, narrow-minded society, no proper infrastructure. 80% of students are women in any Fine arts college but the number just drop/reverse to 20% when it comes to paintings displayed at museums/art galleries. Again, the chink of it is take by artworks done by Males (around 80%).

This was all enough for me to come up with “DailyDesignist” - Online, global art platform promoting women artists. It is online art gallery cum marketplace which has only signed, original paintings (from $$ to $$$). Please visit - View their artworks, leave comments if wish, add to cart if interested or contact us for custom artwork to be done.

PS: None of the paintings here will be found on Amazon, physical stores. So, they really are unique creations. Let’s make WOMEN ARTISTS GREAT!!

Would love to hear your feedback on my post, on my effort to do something for women artists, on the idea of my standardized platform.


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