1. Lack of an intelligent artisan marketplace or gallery - Which is accessible, affordable, diverse in collection and customer driven. It could be selecting the perfect artwork or connecting with the right artist to get custom art done.

2. No Women Artist have made it to the top of the slice. As per recent research, it is still considered a male dominated industry. Very less participation or exposure of women artworks in art galleries and museums across the globe.

3. Nowadays, Fake arts are floating around in global fine Arts market. Thus, tarnishing the value of original, handmade paintings. Authentic artworks are no less than an asset to any art collectors/buyers.

4. No dedicated, online teaching platform to educate the importance of arts/paintings, its value in our lives, associated cultural background/heritage, various age old art techniques to draw and paint.

Answer is DailyDesignist

Mobile art platform promoting women artists (enabled by AI and AR)

Art Lovers: Visit artisan marketplace (app or website) to buy originals, soulful paintings or get custom handpainted your story. Learn Arts on demand or live. Download App: DailyDesignist (from Google Play or Appstore)

Sellers/Women Artists: Join our platform now to sell and teach arts. Download app “DailyDesignist Artists” from Google Play or Appstore.


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