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Stories are the currencies of life. Without it, human civilization would not evolve. Humans are natural storytellers and it has been a central aspect of our lives for millenia.

The best part with telling stories is you are effortlessly connecting with others by sharing your experiences or vision. Storytelling will never go away because its a powerful means to transmit information, knowledge and context. It is here to stay.

Here we are presenting our storytellers who are our art platform's great women artists. Tune in and have a great time listening!!

1. Mrs. Aditi Majumdar. She lives in NC, USA. Is an impressionist artist and works on various mediums.

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2. Poonam Badi. She lives in NC, USA and is a resin artist.

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3. JayaBharathi Balaji. She lives in TN, India. Is a traditional folk artist. Works on various mediums like canvas, fabric, metals and many more.

                                                          Listen Here