Daily Designist Artist App 

How to join DailyDesignist Art Platform

  • Operating system (OS) should be the latest one on your smartphone(Android or IOs). If not, please update the OS first.
  • Download "DailyDesignist Artists" app by placing your phone camera on the QR code(above looks like a barcode). If Artist app does not open automatically, then install QR code reader on your phone first and then try again.
  • Read and accept Terms & Services.
  • Select your role as Artist or Teacher or both
  • Please fill out all the fields in the profile with Bio (is a must). If want to teach please mention what art forms you would want to teach and to whom
  • Open the DailyDesignist Artist App and Press Add (+) Artwork Button on the bottom right corner  - Please add only high quality images of your Original, Signed, Handmade Paintings/Wall Arts with fewer details like Title, Description, Size, Weight, and Quoted Price. 
  • Artist can come back anytime to make edits to her Portfolio/ Paintings.
  • Once the artworks are uploaded, the status will show "Unpublished" in the app
  • Artists uploading 4 or more artworks, will be our featured artist and will have their own collections page on our gallery. They can share that page/link on their social media (FB, Instagram, Pinterest), friends and family.


  •  It would take 4-5 business days to get artworks published or receive queries/questions if any.
  • After validation of artwork details and adjustment or approval of Your Art Price, DailyDesignist will publish the artworks on its online Artisan marketplace/gallery. Artist will receive email notification for the same (with final Your Art Price)
  • Once artworks are published, the status against those paintings will change to “published” in the Artist app.
  • The artworks, published on artisan gallery will have a selling price mentioned, which will always be greater than Artist’s Art price.
  • If the painting gets sold anywhere else, on any other platform or outlets - it's Artist’s responsibility to inform DailyDesignist and will take that artwork out from our gallery.
  • Once a painting is purchased, DailyDesignist (DD) Art gallery will pay Artist their final Art Price (mentioned in the email) + Shipping charges (if applicable). DD will not keep any ratio/%commissions.
  • Each month one of the featured artist will be the Artist of the Month on our artisan marketplace/gallery. DD will showcase their artworks on its home page.
  • Please Note: **Original** - Should be signed and clearly visible. 100% Handmade by you, no help/guidance from anyone. Should be your own idea. You can reference any source but paint in your unique way/touch. Exact copying of any artist's work is not allowed.
  • DailyDesignist (DD) does 1 live class (for 1 hour) a week. There will be 4 classes a month. No recording is being done. 
  • DD will do all the marketing of your course and bring students for you to teach online. Art students can be kids or adults. 
  • DD will manage all the logistics and communication with students and teachers.
  • DD will take a % cut from the monthly fees (paid per student)
  • Please email your interest areas to teach, teaching methodology, outline of curriculum, short description of the art, materials required, what ages, any prerequisites, monthly course fees, what skill levels want to teach (beginner/intermediate/advanced). Attach sample images of that art made by you and a short video of you teaching that art. Email: 

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