Mission is to Create a Wall Statement

With our passion in home design and interiors, we want to combine our love for decor with exclusiveness to create stunning wall decor. 

  • We are constantly trawling the globe looking for innovative wall decor ideas and products. We provide very selected and unique products like Statement Wall Hangings (which are theme based), Nature/Meditative Multi-panel Canvas, LED Flashing Wall Art, Abstract Luxury Wall Art.
  • We do provide 100% customized wall decor as well like Handmade Paintings (Oil, Acrylic, Resin, Coffee, 3D Relief Sculpture), Handmade Sketches though our partnered artists.
  • If you are a designer or an artist with a fresh idea, feel free to drop us an email, we would love to partner with you.
  • We are based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
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