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Folk Art Forms of Painting!!

Jun 08, 2020


Daily Designist

Are you aware of any platform which teaches classical and folk art forms of painting?

Any platform which would guide your kid's practices after their online art classes?

An artisan marketplace which is available, accessible and affordable  for the common mass or art lovers to dream and custom-order or buy original paintings?

These questions find an answer to our art platform  - DailyDesignist

We are a niche platform which takes pride to teach arts - focusing on classical and folk art forms. These folk art forms of painting goes back to 5000 years or more. They are passed from generation to generation as a legacy and inheritance. Folk art forms tell us a story of their culture, civilization, village or country. If we go back in history, will find that these art forms were mostly done by women to express their emotions, celebrate festivals, to please god and bring happiness and good luck to their clan.

In these modern times, these ancient art forms are getting forgotten and skills are getting limited to a very less number of artists. This is ALARMING....

DailyDesignist is here to revive and sustain these valuable treasures. What better way to preserve it by letting our platform's women artists teach and share their knowledge and hard-earned skills with art learners or art lovers.

An array of folk art forms, for which we have artists cum teachers on our platform "DailyDesignist".

1. Madhubani - Folk of Bihar and Nepal

2. Pattochitra - Folk of Orissa

3. Kerala Mural - Folk of Keral

4. Warli - Folk of Maharashtra

5. Tanjore - Folk of Tamil Nadu

6. Kalamkari - Folk of Andhra Pradesh

7. Gond - Folk of Madhya Pradesh

8. Jaipur Style - Folk of Rajasthan

9. Quilling - Folk of France and Italy

10. Origami - Folk of Japan

Sounds so intriguing and interesting just to even know the names. What excitement we will have when we learn these?

If interested in any of these, place get in touch with us. 

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