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Decor Pep Talk  - DIY on Decoration

Decor Pep Talk - DIY on Decoration

Nov 06, 2018


Daily Designist

How about we talk about DIY decoration (sounds interesting!). We all like to do some crafts and artsy work at some point in our lives. We try to use already available things at home and try to be creative in order to decorate house in our very own personal style.

Just sharing some handy DIY things. We can use gloss scotch tape around candles, jars, pots, vase making them beautiful instantly. Can add branch or leaves around a simple plain mirror adding a texture and style to it. Can spray paint lampshades or even put fabric cloth/burlap around lampshades making them warm, stunning and appealing. Use your favorite wallpaper around fireplace mantel to give it more character and long lasting. Use glass rocks, crystals, beads on candle scones to add glamour.

We can have a picture wall/ wall of fame/ gallery on any wall which we want to use as an accent or a focal point of the house or room. Select your favorite photos and see the magic in front of your eyes. We can have the photos printed (color or B/W) simply and have them framed, or print them on canvas / mounted ones / aluminum plates. Can print individual photos or make a collage. It all comes down to own preferences and choices. You can always frame a beautiful 3D pic from any wedding card.If you are a sea-lover, use your collection of seashells onto vanity mirrors or serving trays or simple frames in a pattern to make them even more beautiful.

You can buy a black chalkboard and use it to write simple and inspiring life quotes to keep you inspiring each day. Place that chalkboard in study or living room or kitchen where you spend most of your times!There are just some of the ideas (which i enjoy quite often doing it, hopefully you too :) 


Happy Reading and Decorating!


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