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Decor Pep Talk - Vastu/ Feng Shui

Decor Pep Talk - Vastu/ Feng Shui

Dec 06, 2018


Daily Designist

A topic, which just came to my mind. Do we believe in Vaastu or Feng Shui for our decorating style? Should we incorporate that or not? Is it beneficial to use it as per the rules? We always keep questioning this to ourselves - if this is mandatory or not. It definitely is our personal choice and no one can ask us to do or not do it.

We should do what gives us internal piece and harmony. In the overall decorating process, we definitely do use some elements of that (knowingly or unknowingly) like placing idol Ganesha in our home/office, placing Laughing Buddha, putting green Bamboo Plants, hanging wind-chimers (bamboo or glass or metal).

We want to add beauty, nature and utilize the maximum benefits of it in whichever way we use. The sole reason of doing vaastu is to have positive vibes, positive energy, happiness, good health, wealth and good luck in our homes/ lives. We should always strive to achieve that in our day to day lives (through our KARMA) and try to help others in the process too. A food for thought, i believe!!!!Some tips (for maximum benefits):

1. Place Ganesha in East or West direction. Ganesha in sitting position with trunk on the left side and modak is the best one to buy.

2. Put Laughing Buddha in the main door entrance or south-east corner of the house.

3. Put bamboo wind-chimer in east direction and metal wind-chimer in west direction.

4. Put Bamboo plant on dining table, office, kitchen island.


Happy Reading and Decorating!


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