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Decor Pep Talk - Inspiration for Decoration

Decor Pep Talk - Inspiration for Decoration

Dec 20, 2018


Daily Designist

Let's talk about my favorite element or subject of decoration. I love nature and love to bring nature indoors wherever and whenever possible. Nature to me is all about plants, fresh air, water, sunlight, greenery, positive vibes. I try to incorporate as many aspects of it by using various mediums per se accessories.

Use potted plants, flowers in vase, succulents in plant hangers to have instant greenery all around adding freshness to the air quality as well. Acts as a natural purifier and humidifier for our homes. Place sheer veil/curtains over glass doors and windows in order to increase the sunlight exposure making the place more vibrant and lively. Utilize indoor water fountains (sitting at desk or standing) to accentuate the interiors with the sound of free flow water adding calmness and positivity to the indoor environment. These are some of the usage of natural, real, outdoor elements inside (which I do) but sometimes unreal things also complement our style and efforts in achieving a certain goal. One of the examples for that could be the artwork or paintings of nature, flora, fauna, landscape. I use this quite often wherever required and the result is amazing.


Happy Reading and Decorating!


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