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Decor Pep Talk - Furniture Placement

Decor Pep Talk - Furniture Placement

Oct 30, 2018


Daily Designist

Let's talk about furniture placement today. We all want to have the latest and greatest furniture pieces at our homes. Space is the main attraction of any room. How spacious means how vast edges it has, and we want to shift the focus from edges to the centre of the room by decorating the space by placing furnitures, rugs, wall art, chandeliers. Thus, it will come handy if we have some furniture placement tips on the top of our mind.

Furniture placement should never obstruct the traffic flow of the house. No sharp corner or uneven objects should be place in the common pathways of the house. The distance between each furniture pieces should be constant all around. The placement of the furnitures should be balanced means the size of the furnitures should be in proportion of the room. Example a very big living room can't have many small pieces. Maintain symmetry while placing them.

The paintings should be hung always at the eye level, not too high or low from the floor. There should be 3-6 inches gap from the top of the sofa to the bottom of the painting. Paintings should be placed at the center of the wall creating a focal point for our eyes. If we have one or more paintings, symmetry matters a lot. The spacing between artworks should be between 3-6 inches.

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