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Decor Pep Talk - Exteriors Trends of 2019

Decor Pep Talk - Exteriors Trends of 2019

Feb 28, 2019


Daily Designist

Our latest post discussing the latest trend of exteriors for 2019. Consider this as a continuation of our last post where we had discussed the interior decor trend for this year. Here is the link to refer, if you have missed the previous post 

Here are a few pointers, which can come in handy if we are thinking of ideas/design for a makeover or addition or renovation to our exteriors. Exterior could be deck, screen porch, patio, backyard, driveway.

1. We should put attention to the durability, usability and sustainability of the outdoor furniture, which we are going to use. With climate change in effect, need to emphasis on weather, which will act as a catalyst in deciding the kind of material being used like if it will be rainy, very dry, humid, cold, damp etc.

2. Outdoor space could be a reflection of the inner space or interiors. Can use the same decor style/theme in selecting the furnitures, accessories. Example - Can Implement tropical or nautical theme to outdoor spaces as well. Adding nature, flora, fauna and brightness to decor is very trendy. Will discuss different theme styles in another post.

3. Utilize the outdoor space as per the your needs and preference. We can choose from various options like outdoor kitchen, fire pit, entertainment area, waterfall, fish pond, flower garden, tree house. Space and budget planning play an important role in this decision.

4. Using neutral tone wall/fence color, red brick or stacked stone exteriors are trendy features to look out for. 

5. Furniture materials like vinyl, resin fiber, polywood (sustainable option), wrought iron, steel make a good list to choose from.

6. Garages to be colored with the front door color. Quite popular thing to do these days. Driveway could be pave with stone, bricks or cement itself. 

7.  Plants, seasonal flowers, bushes make an important part of gardens/exteriors. Always holds true anytime, anywhere.

Happy Reading and Decorating!


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