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Decor Pep Talk - Interior Trends for 2019

Decor Pep Talk - Interior Trends for 2019

Feb 22, 2019

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Daily Designist

Happy Decorating Friends. We all love our own sense of style, comfort, theme and motto when it comes to design and decorate. The main purpose of doing all this is to provide us joy, satisfaction, peace and love.

We never stop reinventing, renovating and experimenting with decors. So, let us know about some home decor trends for 2019 which might act as a catalyst to help us experiment more and enjoy during the decor journey.

1. Stacked stone look for exteriors, chimneys, driveway is trendy.

2. Baseboards, crown moldings, coffered ceilings are in for this year.

3. Textured wallpapers, Accent color, Wall Arts - Create a Wall statement. Essential ingredient for exquisite Home Decor

4. Lightings for ambience, task and accent add weightage to the home decor. Go glitz and glam!

5. Pop of Orange, Yellow, Golden - Colors of 2019. Adds much needed vibrancy, charm, delight and glitter. It can be done through rugs, throws, drapes, cushions, wall scones, lights, upholstery.

Happy Reading and Decorating!


Create A Wall Statement

1 comment

  • Ranjani Kumar

    Great inputs ! Loved the stacked stones idea

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