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DailyDesignist Story -1.2

Mar 19, 2020


Chhavi Singh


What does Art means to us? Is it a painting, an object, a form of expression, an emotion, memory or a story being told.

There is not a black and white answer. Just like Life which has many shades to it. Arts is no loner - it falls under the same umbrella as life. Everyone has their own moments, memories, dreams, fantasies. They want to share it with the world in the form of poetry, sculpture, fine arts/paintings, music or dance.

We, at DailyDesignist, have captured Fine Arts (original paintings) for our platform brand building and awareness. Hope to add more product lines (handmade) in future as and when we grow.

We have seen, found, discovered and connected with incredible talents in terms of amateur and seasoned artists. Each of the women artist has their own stories, aspirations and dreams. Through DailyDesignist, we want to provide them the opportunity to shine globally and be able to make a name in the Arts market.

We are showcasing their original paintings on our online art gallery cum marketplace. In addition to that, we are also representing our women artists with their handpainted artworks at art shows, exhibitions, fairs and art festivals. We want to have maximum exposure for their hard work and passion.

It is a long journey ahead of us but each step counts! 

OUR GOAL - DailyDesignist should be the go to platform for any women artist to feel confident, encouraged, motivated and empowered for their hard earned skill/art form

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